Interview at Crikos

An inside-out interview about VollutoPR’s and CEO, George Spyrakis by the amazing team of

Who is George Spyrakis Interview at Crikos

Who is George Spyrakis

An inside-out interview about VollutoPR’s and CEO, George Spyrakis by the amazing team of They know how to connect people and create positive reaction and interaction! Crikos is a positive community to their heart and mission. They support ideas, projects and people that inspire the community to become better and stronger.

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Who is George Spyrakis Interview at Crikos


The Interview at Crikos

“A musician, an entrepreneur creating awareness and saving women from cancer!

Do you know that our world is made up of people who are born to make a difference? Of course, we all have a beautiful angel inside us… it’s just that some of us, haven’t yet discovered it. Oh, you are probably thinking oops I must be on the wrong website… angels with white feathers and flying abilities…right?

Yes, that would be truly a life-changing experience, wouldn’t it?! But angels are humans who believe in making a positive change, who are proactive by making some people’s lives better and healthier. George Spyrakis is the angel of the day…he has many faces and roles, which all come down to saving lives!

He has an incredible number of “opposite” qualities that work harmoniously together… he is sophisticated, sensitive yet tough as a bull, committed, focused, a doer, compassionate, a hardcore businessman, ethical with very high standards, a giver and all the above in an extreme dosage! You should see him smile… he can make an impact just with his smile!

George Spyrakis started out at the age of 12 with a classical music education background, playing musical instruments and very soon the contrabass. Right out of school with the intent to finish his military obligations faster, he didn’t just follow the crowd doing what was quickest and easiest…instead he became a military commando for 16 months jumping out of aircrafts! Hahaha, see what I mean by extremes?!

Having the two opposites – logic and creativity – in great balance within his character, George decided to follow business studies to stand strong on his feet despite his musical talent and studies. His studies led him to work for 15 years as a sales representative and executive for different pharmaceutical companies being a liaison between doctors and companies.

Together with his day job, he started his own company replenishing pharmacies with natural and holistic products. In 2017, he realized that it was time to focus on his business and leave his day job. What I have to let you know about George Spyrakis is that throughout his career, he has always helped people receive therapy one way or another… because he is a man who cares!

Going through a personal loss and wanting to produce a pro-active solution in saving women from HPV, George is introducing the market to a kit that will help women test themselves in the privacy of their own home against HPV.

He is working together with his team to create awareness, as the percentage of women who get infected is extremely high in comparison to the percentage of women who dare to get tested, which is extremely low. Because awareness is the most important cure of all… and that is what he is focused on!

How many people do you know who every other word they use is, how can I help you? George is that man exactly… in the 1 hour we spent together, he must have mentioned over 20 times how his mission is to help women to put themselves before anyone else and to prevent any health issue. And how he will and has always found ways for women to receive medication or diagnosis even if they cannot afford it. Nothing can stop George Spyrakis… when he hits a wall he will find a way around it or break it…”


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Author: George Spyrakis

Fearless entrepreneur with a vivid growth hacking mentality and endless energy in medical startup mentoring. Traveling and outdoor sports are my free time addictions. I support challenging healthcare projects and trust the doers.

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